eCommerce Design


At BD Biosciences, a $1B segment of BD, we needed a redesign of our commerce system to provide customers with a modern, information-rich shopping experience. Furthermore, the system needed to address the complex purchasing environment in the life sciences and clinical B2B markets.


In an aggressive 9-month timeline, from concept to launch, we delivered the solution on a new platform called hybris. The system design addressed:

Support for 16 European countries where it would first be launched as well as other global regions that would be rolled out later.

Comprehensive catalog design that presents a clear taxonomy, well-organized product details, and a robust search engine to support a streamlined customer path to understand, find, and purchase products. This required a complete overhaul of the design, systems integration, and content systems.

Development of customer personas to help understand the purchasing challenges of research and clinical customers.

Development of visual design and wireframes with several rounds of usability testing in the US and Europe to further inform, refine, and validate design decisions.

Management of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development amongst multiple team members to keep production moving forward.


The new system drastically simplified signup, search, and checkout. It also added easy reordering, order scheduling, shareable shopping lists, and approval workflows for purchasing agents. Customers have cited the new product detail page as an example to follow. Overall, the new commerce system has been well received by customers.

BD Biosciences Europe - Product Detail Page


Product detail pages feature a complete set of information and references, along with easy access to alternate sizes and formats.

Customers who must work through a purchasing agent now have more options. Shareable shopping lists and order approval workflows enable them to shop for themselves and send their order along for processing.

Punchout enables customers to order through their institution's procurement systems, while still taking advantage of personal pricing and promotions.