Website Localization


Empower regions to more effectively reach customers with campaigns, pricing, and content relevant to their audiences.


BD Biosciences supports customers globally with 11 fully-localized websites across North and South America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. Accomplishments:

Developed a system to scope, train, localize, launch and maintain regional sites. Regularly meet with regions to review site metrics, address issues, and support teams.

Developed processes to ensure the catalog, comprising of roughly 10,000 SKUs, is adapted to regional needs. In addition to pricing changes, regional catalogs are localized with attributes that comply to local regulatory requirements.

Increased sales, strengthened connection with customers, and expanded marketing capabilities significantly with web campaigns, email marketing, and search engine marketing.

Developed a global ticketing system to manage website content updates for all regions.


There are currently 11 regional versions of the BD Biosciences website, with 4 that are fully translated. Each one features a fully localized product catalog with regional, often customer-based, pricing and promotions. Customers are first informed of their new site through a multi-faceted launch campaign. With 10 regional monthly email newsletters, local campaigns, and regular search marketing initiatives, regional traffic has dramatically increased over time.

BD Biosciences Japan - Home Page BD Biosciences Japan - Microsite


Sites share a common look and feel; central management of backend enables updates to be applied to all sites simultaneously.

Non-technical associates in each region are empowered to adapt content, campaigns, pricing, and product availability to the unique needs of their market.

Ongoing operations involve regular meetings and on-call support from the central US team.