Mobile Web Design


Determine the key e-commerce functions needed for purchases via mobile devices and build a user interface that included easy search, rich product information, and a streamlined shopping experience relevant to the mobile platform. Develop solution in time to launch concurrently with the new eCommerce platform.


Designed and delivered a fully functional mobile site in four months, meeting launch needs. Accomplishments:

Determined key functionality needed for the mobile environment, using customer personas and research to inform choices.

Designed a visual language for our mobile site and combined wireframing and visual design into a single process.

Divided development tasks, including visual design and page template production (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) between team members and external designers and developers to expedite delivery.


The new mobile site gives customers an analogous experience to the desktop site. Familiar navigation, search, rich content, complete product details, commerce, and account management mitigates customer need to visit the desktop site for common use. It also supports the same regional variants and scalability as the desktop site.

BD Biosciences Europe - Mobile Site


The mobile site delivers the full product catalog along with rich content and resources. Product details are complete and customers have the full commerce experience, so there is no need to go back to the desktop site to research and purchase products.

Matching URL structures between the mobile and desktop sites mean customers can easily choose their desired version without losing their place.

Content only needs to be authored and published once to be presented in both desktop and mobile formats.