Reagent Panel Designer


Design an online tool to simplify the reagent selection process for researchers. To successfully achieve this, the application had to consider a number of complex variables such as instrument configurations, thousands of products, and product limitations.


Using the BD FACSelect Multicolor Panel Designer, customers follow these easy steps to select reagents for their research:

  1. Select search options including species, specificities, and laser/fluorochrome choices based on customer instrumentation.
  2. Select products from the simple grid of choices.
  3. Review panel and add the products to their cart.

Product choices are organized and displayed in a simple grid separated by channels. If a second product of the same specificity is selected, the conflict is clearly displayed with warnings.

I designed this tool in collaboration with product managers and R&D. Customer usability testing was critical to validate and refine the design.


The panel designer has been well received by customers, with immediate uptake and steady use since launch. The tool allows them to select products without resorting to old tracking methods involving notes or spreadsheets. Customers also cited its use as a teaching tool to help scientists new to panel design. This added benefit helped to boost our website's goal of being a rich information resource as well as a product catalog.

Panel Designer - Step 1

Step 1: Set search criteria

Panel Designer - Step 2

Step 2: Select reagents

Panel Designer - Step 3

Step 3: Review and purchase