Usability and Continual Improvement


We needed an easy way to connect with customers to ensure new content, features, and tools were relevant and informed by their insights and preferences.


Forming a large usability panel, as well as conducting regular usability studies and metrics reviews, assisted us in dramatically improving the usability of navigation, search, and online tools.

Metrics reviews have helped us hone our search result set over time, and usability studies helped us to develop a simple filtering interface that increased customer engagement and reduced dependency on external search engines.

Usability studies and metrics informed a drastic simplification of our homepage, bringing it down from a complex presentation of 141 links to just 8. Metrics also provided insight into the types of content that attract our customers and the positions that provide the highest click rates.

Through usability studies, customers validated the value of the Panel Designer before development began. Through the design phase, customers gave feedback that helped us produce an intuitive and straightforward interface.


Usability studies and metrics have guided us to make informed decisions that have increased use and success rates with online search, website tools, and navigation. Since employing these feedback mechanisms for continual improvement, we have transformed the website from a source of customer frustration to a resource they use and enjoy regularly.